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Best Ingredients LLC was founded in December 2011 in Moscow, in the network of italian  Ricci Family Group, which began its work in Italy in 1945.

Using his professionalism and vast experience, our founder opened a company in Russia.


Company mission

The principle of work of our companies is to facilitate the appearance in Russia of a product of the highest level that brings people the best emotions. Today, we are the FIRST and only company in Russia that produces real Italian Gelato, as well as having vertical integration.

The following divisions are in our group of companies:

a) production of equipment

b) production of ingredients

c) the production of ice cream.

Therefore, we clearly control and guarantee the high quality of the finished product.

All production processes are carried out under strict national control, the owner of the group of companies Giovanni Ricci.


Product quality

Our ice cream is made only from natural ingredients, without the addition of synthetic flavorings, without milk powder, without preservatives and emulsifiers. It is 100% real and natural Gelato. Slow and gentle production process allows you to fully reveal all the natural ingredients in the finished product. Only with a special production of Gelato can you create in it an unusually rich and true taste of a real Sicilian pistachio or, for example, a hazelnut from Piedmont. The latest generation production equipment, which is our intellectual property, the highest quality ingredients of our own production, our own recipes, allow us to guarantee not only perfect and stable ice cream quality, but also the confidence that you get the best Gelato in Russia and we are proud of it.
In addition to taste uniqueness and quality, our products fully meet all safety requirements:

• Certificate of conformity of the customs union -EAC
• ISO 22000-2007
• Declaration of Conformity

Milan: our roots

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