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Founder and owner of the company
Best Ingredients, as well as the trademark
"RICCI GELATO", is Giovanni Ricci.

A man who already in the third generation with great success multiplies the development of the family craft on a global scale, begun by his grandfather in 1945.


Giovanni was born in 1964 in Milan, graduated engineer and a true professional in his field; from school years he acquired deep knowledge, gained experience in a family factory, in the production of equipment and ice cream.

A huge desire for personal development, regular training, a broad world outlook, to be a person worthy of his unique kind, all this distinguished Giovanni from his peers.


Today, it is no exaggeration to say that - this is a man of world renown who is an extra-class engineer in the field of creating innovative equipment for the production of real Italian Gelato.


And also, an excellent technologist who owns unique technologies for the production of ice cream and prescription solutions that have a beautiful history and international recognition. In many countries of the world, on different continents, many ice cream companies that have adopted particles of knowledge, experience and unique technology from Giovanni Ricci today have a solid economic platform, an upscale product and deep gratitude from their customers

Opinion of the founder of the company


Tradition and innovation

“I used my grandfather Giovanni’s old recipes to make the new Ricci Gelato ice cream.”


Technology helps

“The main investment is in modern, high-tech, Italian equipment that provides high hygiene parameters and stable product quality.”


Family business

“I continue the traditions of my family, and completely own my business, preserving the Italian soul. ”

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