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Gelato - what is it?

Dear fans and connoisseurs of the Italian Gelato!


With your permission, we, as professionals in our field, are ready to bring clear clarity on how nevertheless the real Gelato differs from an ordinary ice cream.

And the difference is tasting, believe me.

First of all, it's about the ingredients. For the manufacture of Gelato, only natural cow's milk and cream are used, as well as natural fruits and creams. Therefore, it contains less fat (4–8% versus 15% in regular ice cream) and sugar (14–18% versus 21%).

By the way, sugar is not added in order to make dessert more sweet - it helps to lower the freezing temperature and increase viscosity.


As for fruits, they are added to the mixture fresh, frozen or in the form of mashed potatoes and are natural flavors of this unique dish.


We do not pump air !


In industrial production, an important ingredient in the preparation of ice cream is air, with which the mass is whipped. Industrial ice cream is saturated with air by 50% or more, which increases its volume and it turns out that you buy 50% of the product and 50% pay for air. It is important to note that with a strong pumping of air, ice cream reduces its taste value and industrial manufacturers are forced to add synthetic additives to enhance the taste.

Ricci Gelato


Vincenzo, Gelato & Pastry Chef

"Real Gelato is saturated with air up to 25%"


Giovanni Ricci, Founder

"We do not add air to our product and, accordingly, do not use any flavor enhancers or artificial additives"


Andrea, Partner

“You get 100% natural and genuine Italian Gelato”

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