We believe that successful business development begins with the people and corporate culture in the company. Over the years of successful work, we have formed a team of highly qualified specialists who have always been and remain one of the key success factors. The professional level of our employees lies in their ability to solve non-standard tasks, while applying an innovative approach. From employees, we demand a deep immersion in the technological and production process, as well as mutually fruitful interaction with customers. The personal qualities of the employees that we value are an indifferent attitude to the business, goodwill, and a willingness to help. The quality of our unique Gelato is influenced by dozens of factors related to the technology, equipment, prescription solutions, personnel serving the production process, and room preparation. It is important not to miss a single detail. And all this is based on an in-depth analysis not only of today, but also in the long-term development perspective.


Opinion of employees


Svetlana, General Director

"My career grew in parallel with the development of the company. The best part is when people with our help become professionals in this field."


Enzo, Pastry & Gelato Chef

"The company has enormous potential for my professional activities. Development of new products, and a serious attitude to quality."


Roman, Commercial Director

"Ricci Gelato is one of unique and healthy products that you can recommend to your loved ones."